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As a foreigner in Thailand you can buy Condominium units as Foreign Freehold Ownership - Meaning 100% ownership for non-thai citizens.

Here at Icon Park, we offer you this great opportunity to own your own piece of paradise - a 100% in your name.
Another great and safe way of purchase property with us is our Leasehold agreement, giving you 100% ownership for 90 years (30+30+30) with the same and full rights to use and re-sale as the Foreign Freehold. (Foreign freehold is available on pre-selected units).

Buying Your Foreign Freehold Condominium

1. Currency:

In order to purchase a condo unit, foreign currency MUST be transferred into Thailand as foreign currency and exchanged into Thai Baht by a local bank in Thailand. You can use any type of foreign currency to make your purchase.

2. Documents required:

A foreigner must produce evidence to the Land Department by the way of a Foreign Exchange Transaction Form that foreign currency had been transferred from overseas for the purchase of the condo unit, in order to transfer ownership to the buyer.

a) Funds must be transferred in foreign currency only.
b) When remitting the funds the buyers names must be the same as what appears on the sales contract.
The remittance must state the purpose for the transfer i.e. Payment for Condominum unit at the Project.
If two buyer's names are used to purchase the unit then the remittance of funds should be in equal amounts.

Note: When making a purchase the transfer of funds must come from a bank outside of Thailand and sent in foreign currency, with the conversion to Thai Baht being done in Thailand. Furthermore, you must specify when making the transfers from your bank that the transfer of funds is for the purchase of the property.

More information:

Disclaimer:Information provided should be used as a guideline only. Please refer to our professional sales team and/or a legal advisor before buying a property in Thailand.